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Ridder Park Drive
San Jose, 775 Ridder Park Drive

Seven Trees Shopping Center
San Jose, 4040-4152 Monterey Rd

Modera San Pedro Square
San Jose, 45 N. San Pedro Street

Ground Lease Offering
San Jose, 3150 & 3158 Stevens Creek Blvd

Development Services

MO’s Development Services Team stands ready to serve your development needs including locating suitable properties for assembly and predevelopment meetings with government agencies to determine uses and to pre-qualify potential project approvals. In addition, Development Services can assist you before entitlement processing from purchase to permits, with both underground and building construction coordination.

When considering options to sell your land, develop it yourself or create a real estate development with a joint venture partner, call the Meacham/Oppenheimer Development Services Team for consultation on the best approach that meets your objectives. For buyers looking to acquire land and develop income producing property for your ownership, we would be pleased to assist every step of the way.

We look forward to being of service.