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Property Representation: Marketing & Leasing Plan

Through our years of experience, we have found the following step-by-step process to be the most effective approach to the culmination of a successful leasing program.

I. Meetings with Owners:

  1. Introduce the Meacham/Oppenheimer sales and leasing staff.
  2. Discuss leasing strategy and objectives:
    • Tenant mix
    • Size of shops
    • Rent schedule: a) Base rent, b) Percentage rent
    • Lease Terms and Options
    • Review and assist in designing:
    • Site plan (coordinate with owner and project architect.)
    • 2. Lease document
    • 3. Exhibits: a) Landlord's scope of work, b) Sign criteria, c) Floor plans, d) Rules and regulations

II. Leasing Campaign:

  1. Install professional leasing signs on property.
  2. Solicit national and regional tenants.
  3. Canvass retail areas for appropriate tenants.
  4. Institute an email or direct mail program.
    • To potential tenants (currently in our extensive retail data bank).
    • To other retail brokerage houses.
  5. Provide promotional exposure at International Council Shopping Centers national and local idea exchanges.
  6. Negotiate and prepare lease documents for execution.

III. Services Rendered Following Lease Execution:

  1. Introduce Tenants to Owner's project manager.
  2. Assist project manager in coordinating Landlord/Tenant improvements.
  3. Assist project manager in coordinating Tenant fixturization to ensure earliest possible opening date.

Throughout the entire development process, Meacham/Oppenheimer, Inc. will frequently advise the owner of the amount of prospective tenant interest, general trends in the market, and other significant matters, which might affect the project.


Marketing and Closing Strategies:

Meacham/Oppenheimer, Inc., represented numerous buyers and sellers of commercial properties over the years with complete satisfaction. The following approaches have proven to be their secret to success:

  1. Disposition of the Investment property:
    1. Meet with owner to understand owner's objectives
    2. Obtain all pertinent information; leases; income and expense statements; layouts and comparable of similar centers; lease rates and sales cap rates.
    3. Analyze all information to determine the maximum value of the investment. This is where Meacham/Oppenheimer, Inc., stands out. By being experts in retail leasing we can determine and demonstrate any potential upside or positives of the investment.
    4. Compile and complete a sales package with all information needed to assist potential buyers so they may completely understand and analyze the investment.
    5. Initiate a professional sales campaign to fully expose the investment.
  2. Advertising on all relevant websites.
    • Contact all investment brokers in the Bay Area;
    • With our great relationship with title companies, we obtain all recent sellers of properties that are in a need to exchange into other investments.
    • Follow through escrow by obtaining all necessary documents, day to day contact with title company to insure closing. 


Meacham/Oppenheimer would represent the tenant on an exclusive basis to search for the most suitable location to assist the retailer in reaching their goal.

  1. Define Tenant's real estate needs.
    • Trade areas
    • Demographic RequirementsGeographic parameters
  2. Size and type of building desired
    • Establish Building Requirements
    • Establish Economic Parameters
  3. Establish Time Line
    • Internal approval process:
    • Information particulars required.
    • Approval process time frame.
  4. Comprehensive search to identify potential locations in targeted areas that fit tenant's requirement.
  5. Tour prospective properties.
    • Drive-By and Walk-Through.
  6. Negotiate on selected properties.
  7. Provide in depth market knowledge of recent transactions of similar properties in the area.
  8. Assist tenant and tenant's legal counsel through execution of lease agreement.